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Pier 40
New York, NY 10014
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Event Details

New Year’s Eve is here again. It is time to decide how you are going to spend it and with whom. Why not make New Years a New York holiday? Last year there were many great parties. Surely this year can be better! While others wait around for tickets to the events being held by various nightclubs, you may want to consider taking the opportunity to do something different and more exciting. Why force your way into the nightclub that you know is going to be crowded anyway?

Opt for something else. Audubon Yacht is going to be the host of the greatest New Year’s Eve event, both on land and on water. Nothing will be able to compare to spending the night enjoying a cruise around the city. Enjoy the awesome vantage point as you bask in the beauty of the city skyline. Landmarks will be made more magnificent and you will be awed by not only the newness of this type of celebration, but the absolute pleasure that comes with witnessing and being a part of something beautiful on the first day of the New Year.

The nightclub experience will be on the yacht, it will be multiplied and more rewarding. Make use of the large dance floor while you enjoy the vision of light dancing on the water. Feel the fresh air on your body as you look towards the colorful fireworks display with pure enjoyment. Sway to the music of the live DJ and enjoy the open bar and a full dinner buffet. Whether you want to celebrate with your friends, family or even strangers, the Audubon Yacht is the perfect venue. Boarding starts at 8pm, with departure at 9pm. The cruise goes until 1am.

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Pier 40 | New York, NY 10014