The importance of New Year’s Eve traditions and opening to change

Traditions are the pillar of many societies. Traditions, the oldest ones, which are still held dear to our hearts establishes standards in some regards for as number of factors including behavior. The traditions associated with New Year’s Eve differ for every family. However there are some things that remain constant. New Year’s Eve traditions are important because they link the present generation to the one that existed before and all the generations before that.

Traditional New Year’s Eve activities bond families and societies alike. Every year millions gather in Times Square for the annual Ball Drop. Each year, families travel to New York for the Ball Drop from all over the world or converge in from a television to share in the festivities.

Universal Tradition
A very popular tradition is the champagne toast to midnight. The origin of such an action being used for New Year’s celebrations is kind of sketchy. However, this is a tradition that has not only become important, but necessary. Every great party you attend on this special night will offer a toast at midnight. Even if you are at home you may be tempted to raise a glass at the chime of the clock.

The fireworks display is a beautiful tradition. Most cities will organize grand fireworks display to commemorate the New Year. This display usually last for a few minutes and grabs the attention of every living thing in close proximity.

The midnight kiss has also become very popular. And this is a tradition that will not change in the near future. The midnight kiss has been about for decades. It is projected to continue because it gives strangers or mere acquaintances the opportunity to share a short kissing without backlash.

Family Specific Traditions
You should be allowed the right to create family traditions for the holidays. Your tradition can be as simple as gathering together and watching a rerun on television or watching the ball drop live.

These traditions, although limited to the immediate family, are as important as any other. If you have not yet created any family traditions, it is not too late to do it now. Decide on a tradition that will be available every year.

New Year’s Eve traditions should not be altered unless it is absolutely necessary. Traditions are a part of history that should be maintained.

Opening to Change
Traditions are labeled as such because they are like habits which are very hard to break. Although one is a stickler for tradition one must also be open to changes. Traditions are not set in stone. As time advances ideologies and one’s ability to keep up with old traditions will be altered forever. You should create a tradition that is loved by your children, and will be loved by your grand children when they are blessed enough to come to life.

Whatever tradition you create will be altered in the future and may even be changed completely. However this change will not totally erase the memories that you created with your generation and your close family, it will be an example for future generations to follow.

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