Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions that never last

Okay, the New Year has arrived. The night before you had made a list of resolutions that you have sworn to keep this time. You may still believe that it is possible to achieve your resolution. However, if one of your resolutions is included in the following list of failed resolutions you may need to act fast and achieve success. The key is to choose a resolution that can be achieved without a hitch.

1) You promise you lose weight and get fit
This resolution often fails because you lack the emotional drive to see it through. You may go jogging on the first few morning of the New Year. However the interest will soon turn to annoyance. You will be annoyed on the amount of energy you will have to expend to exercise. You may be pumped for the first week, but you will soon regret making such a resolution and remove it from your list.

2) You promised to quit smoking
This is an addiction many have tried to quit and failed miserably. Why did you believe that you had enough power to get yourself to quit? Well, whatever the reason many people ultimately rip this resolution from their list, because it takes a lot of focus and dedication. Mere self motivation seldom works and most people do not make the time to get the necessary help.

3) You promised to travel new places
Traveling is something many people wish to increase with every passing year. What they fail to take into consideration is that traveling costs a lot of money, if you factor in foreign destinations and all the added costs, such as hotel and vehicle. Another issue that people sometimes fail to consider is the availability of vacation time to use for travel. Are you going to remove your child from school? If not, who will watch over him or her?

4) Get out of debt and save money
With the global economic climate being in the state it currently is in, one would find a resolution to save and prepay debts to be quite admirable. Saving money is hard, especially if you have tons of bills that need to be taken care of. This is not the best.

5) Volunteer
Learn something new and help other while you are at it! Most people fail to carry out their promised voluntarism because it’s hard to get into the habit of doing something kind for others. Do not make this commitment unless you absolutely mean it. If you are serious, it’s quite easy to find somewhere to volunteer. Call up a few old age homes or few homeless shelters. Serve In the soup kitchen or come up with some fun activities for the residents to partake in. They will surely welcome the new face and you will have completed something from your list.

6) Visit a children’s home or a nursery. Tell a few kids some stories, they will appreciate it greatly. Bring a few little toys along and the happiness that the children will radiate will warm your heart and cause great joy within you.

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