Advantages of spending the New Year’s Eve outdoors

Every year, people go crazy in their quest to find the perfect nightclub to celebrate the New Year in. Every year, these same people find themselves trapped and claustrophobic in a crowded nightclub. Do not let yourself get trapped in this situation. Prepare yourself for whatever is to come your way by securing your celebratory spot out in the open. An open air New Years Eve celebration will be both refreshing and thrilling. It comes with a sense of freedom and euphoria which causes VIPs to clamor for terrace seating at fancy restaurants and rooftop tables at the glamorous nightclubs, bars and lounges.

Escape the crowd of the indoor nightclubs
Do not make the mistake of underestimating the crowd that will gather in the city for New Year’s Eve. Be prepared. The fresh air will eliminate most of, if not all, your claustrophobic feelings and sooth your nerves with the calm night air. You can escape the AC and the circulated air of the nightclubs interior and bask in the fresh air that you will have access to on the terrace of the roof. Escape the crowd of the indoors and embrace the delight of the great outdoors. An outdoor New Year’s celebration is one that you will forever remember and always want to try again.

Better view of the ball drop
The Ball Drop is never more beautiful than being watched live and in person. If you really want to make the last night in 2013 special do not spend it stuck behind the television again, whether this television is in your TV room or hanging from the wall of a popular night club. Make a change that you will never forget and experience a euphoria that will propel you into the New Year.

Watch the ball drop live and in person! Feel the awe of the crowd as the ball descend and the emotions that are evoked by the tradition roll through the cloud like a glorious cloud of inspiration.

Cruises are quickly becoming the replacement for the typical nightclub experience. Why? The answer is simple: a beautiful yacht plus a dance floor, music and an open bar equals a nightlife experience that is sure to have you exclaiming with glee, dancing until your feet hurts and looking dumbstruck at the beautiful fireworks that are above you and glistening like a stream of wishing stars.

This is a great means of getting a change in scenery. Step away from the typical nightlife experience and embrace the feeling of cool air rushing against your face and the beautiful glistening of the water as it reflects the fireworks.

The Fresh Air Will Make for a Fun Night
If you really want to have an experience which is not like the typical New Years Eve night, you should consider doing something that takes place outdoors. By doing this you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the added flare your city adds every year to show the world that they are the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration location

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