New Year’s Day Family Activities

The main focus of the New Year is always the New Year’s Eve parties. This commands all the attention. But what about the kids who will not be able to go clubbing or to view the Ball Drop live? The answer is that they stay home with the sitter and are bored out of their minds. Kids are hard to please and easily bored. If you are not careful their lack of New Year’s activities and their ability to sense when they are not invited somewhere, it may take a toll on you: through guilt trips or promising something you had never intended to allow. What you should do is plan awesome family activities for the daytime, so that you can go out and have a great time in tonight without feeling guilty.

Visit the park and have a Picnic
If you are having great weather and the park is still open in your area, you should try taking your family on a picnic. This will improve morale should your kids be sad about being left at home in the coming night or should there be the need for cheering them up.

Your little children will love the park as much as they will love the family time. Play little games as you allow time to pass. If you own a dog, bring him along and play fetch for a while. Engage in some family competitions and organize a little race to or from a tree. Enjoy your family time and your kids will do the same. Express your love for your family and reinforce that the daytime was for celebrating with your family. Let your kids feel special and they will love you even more.

Visit the zoo or somewhere special
Children love the zoo. And you know you do too. Make it a family affair and visit the zoo with your kids on New Year’s Eve day. You may even invite your own parents and a few cousins to make the affair even grander! A zoo is both educational and fun. Enjoy the family stroll along the path and the excitement they will be forced to erupt with the viewing of each animal. This is a great activity for the entire family and it will be remembered by your children.

Ice skating
This is a fun activity that the entire family will love. It is also a great opportunity to teach the member of the family who is unable to skate some great beginner techniques. Grandparents may opt to sit out this activity. However it is a great activity for the rest of the family. Let the kids have fun chasing each other and showing off their moves. Let them enjoy themselves. Snap a few pics to help them remember the fun they had.

Have fun with your family. Especially if you have plans to go out in the night. Make their day and you can have fun in the night without worry. Toast to the New Year knowing that both you and your family made the most of your last day of the New Year.

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