How to get the most out of a home celebration

You may want to spend New Year’s Eve at home this year. Well, you can do so and still have a lot of fun. The success of your home celebration depends on a few key factors, including the size of the celebration and the people you invite. Some People are hard to please. You will find yourself going all out to make them excited and still end up failing. Others just need some great music and a great crowd to have a good time. Here are a few tips to consider when planning a home celebration for New Year’s Eve.

Planning a Big Party
Whenever you decide to plan a home party you must ensure that your location is conducive to fun and excitement with a minimum possibility of breaking valuable decorative pieces.

• Make a guest list
You should have some semblance of control over who attends your party. The possibility exists that as news of your party get popular uninvited guests will turn up and the people you invite may bring dates. You need to try and minimize having an overcrowded venue by inviting responsible guests that amount to about half or two thirds your total capacity.

• Plan ahead
Do not wait until the last minute to start planning your huge house party. If you are running around a few hours before the party, to try and get supplies and pad your guest list, you may find that half the people you wish to come have already made other plans or that some of the supplies you need are out of stock. You do not want this to happen to you. The end result is a failed party that may just turn away its guests at the door.

• A Great DJ
What is a party without great music!? Nothing. It is not a party. You need to have great music not only to attract attendants, but to ensure that they stay for the duration of the party. Hire a DJ that frequent clubs and other parties. Ensure that you play the hottest tracks for the year and maybe even a few older songs that get better every time you hear it. Entertain your guests and enjoy your successful home celebration.

Planning a Small Party
When planning a small get together at your home for the New Year you should ensure that you do some planning. Impromptu invites may result in a smaller party than you intended, because people you invited already have plans.

• Make a guest list
The people you invite to your small get together will affect the mood of the party and the overall effect on all its guests. You should decide if you are inviting friends and family to create an intimate setting, or of you are inviting acquaintances or your neighbors to formulate new bonds and just have a great time.

• Minimal planning
As long as you invite your guests more than a week or maybe more than a month before your party your guest situation should be okay. Next you have to decide on the all important food and drinks. Ask everyone to take something along with them. Having a BYOB party will not only limit your expenses, but it will also increase the variety of foods and drinks available, as people will no doubt carry different items.

• Music
Know your crowd. The music should suit the guests and if you know your guests you can simply create a playlist for the holiday and let it play throughout the night. If your mix runs out you can simply tune in to a popular radio station and let the fun continues. Ring in the New Year with the rest of the country and enjoy the company of a small intimate party.

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