Tips on creating New Year’s resolutions that you are likely to keep

We often fail to achieve our resolutions because we refuse to will ourselves to ensuring their success. Setting goals and then achieving them is a process, a very hard process if you have problems organizing and conjuring your motivation. A resolution is a decision or an intention that you believe deserves a chance, or you would not have though it up in the first place. In order for this resolution to become reality it has to be more than a wish and more of a first step towards making a necessary change in your life.

Instead of making several New Year’s resolutions that you know will be soon forgotten, you can make one resolution of great importance to you and try your hardest to fulfill it. Decide on something practical, a promise which will give you a boost of confidence to do more and meet your target.
Here are a few tips on creating New Year’s resolutions that you are likely to keep:
Have an action plan. You have to set a specific date of resolution accomplishment. Decide fixed stages that will take you closer to your goal and create milestones to match these stages.

Keep track of your achievements. Every time you pass a stage you can treat yourself to something special. Following your own plan of action and set your own pace. Work towards your goals and bask in the realization of your new year’s resolution

Heighten self-awareness. Most people tend to seek therapy to raise their self-esteem or overcome addictions and codependency. With persistence and the right mindset, it’s possible to break your bad habits through daily meditation and writing your feelings out on paper. These are potent and helpful tools in monitoring and changing your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Through heightened self awareness you can achieve your resolution, whether it’s curing an addiction or making a character change that will better suit you.
Encourage yourself. Try to become your own positive life coach by continuously giving yourself positive feedback, praise, and recognition. You can look for small signs of progress and account for them. You can’t encourage yourself if you don’t like yourself or believe you are unable to make progress. You have the ability to achieve what you want if only you would believe in yourself. Self-doubt and negativity will paralyze your self expression. This self-doubt hinders energy and motivation and it can easily persuade you to give up on your new year’s resolution.

Get support. You will need the courage and support of others if you are to be successful, in achieving your resolution. To be greatly successful and to maintain your momentum you may need the support of family members and your close friends. Whatever it is that you are trying to change about yourself you should try and enlist support. Some people may try to tell you that making a resolution is pointless. You should block these negative thoughts from your mind and embrace the positive.
Be determined. Be positive. Be honest. Figure out the resolution that will really change your life and do everything necessary see it through. Happy New Year!

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