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From gifts, to New Year’s resolutions, to restaurants and family time; New Year’s Eve is a holiday for all to enjoy. This is the portion of our website where you’ll be able to find news, helpful tips, and party information about anything New Year’s Eve related. Whether you’re trying to decide which city to ring in the New Year or trying to decide on the outfit to wear, our bloggers and hot topic writers are ready to give you some valuable insight. If you’d like our opinion on an issue that we have yet to cover, please visit our contact page and submit a request. We love hearing your feedback and making our website a more enjoyable experience.

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What’s New Year’s Eve really about?

New Year’s Eve is a magical time of the year. As the year concludes, we look back and reminiscence about the time spent riding on the roller coaster of life. With it, comes new ideologies and hopes for the future. You are allowed the time to remember the year past and focus on what has a possibility of happening in the New Year. These are a few constants that come every New Year, the realization that change is occurring, the need to spend time with family and friends, the need for love and remembrance about what you missed out on and the importance of laughter, fun and enjoyment.


As time advances closer to the future, you are faced with the realization that huge changes are about to occur. These changes are not limited to the shift in the year, but expand to include all the new opportunities that will arise. You may have been offered a promotion or have decided to change your home. You may have been holding back from sending in a job application or taking a step closer to a relationship you are still not sure about.

Now is the time to reevaluate all those major decisions. Time will continue, whether you like it or not, the longer you wait the more alteration will be necessary to effectively live with whatever decision you make. Don’t sit back and watch the seasons change before your eyes. Embrace the change and make necessary adjustments needed to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Family and friends

Organize an outing for a day at the park and spend some time with family members you have not seen in a while. This is a great time of year to let your family know that you really care about them and make up for the time you did not spend together.

Have a family get-together at your house, or wherever the family usually converges. Choose a nightlife venue which admits people of all ages for the New Year’s Eve celebration and get your entire family some tickets. Do something you will all love, while you reconnect with each other and ring in the New Year!

Forget about all the things you dislike and the people you can’t get along with. Release the optimism in you and enjoy the company of others. New Year’s should be a happy time because the chance to make new starts and forget old mistakes is a change that can coincide with a beginning. Love, and allow yourself to bask in the love of others. After all, what is New Year’s Eve without love and happiness?

Laughter and fun

New Year’s is a time to spend enjoying yourself. Meet up with some friends or let your kids stay up late and create wonderful memories. Laugh and have fun. Try to embrace the New Year with fresh possibilities and the chance to make new beginnings. Visit a comedy club, or just have a family gathering where you are all free to tell stories of your own past and enjoy the memories.

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Best New Year’s Eve Destinations

Where do you think is the best place to spend New Year’s Eve? Well most answers surely will include the most exciting cities in the United States. Among the list will be New York, Las Vegas and Miami. These cities are known for their huge parties on New Year’s Eve and millions of party-goers leave these cities on clouds of joy after the parties and celebrations of the New Year.

New York
This city attracts millions of people each year; billions if you count the amount of people worldwide who tune in to their television for the beautiful, magnificent Times Square Ball Drop!

This city lights up every New Year Eve with fireworks and the flashing of all the happy smiles of every locals and visitors. The city presents a lot of different facilities and events for you to enjoy yourself.

The atmosphere at this time of year is conducive to great excitement. You can spend the night on the crowded street walking about and sharing in the excitement of just people watching. Every year, Times Square is cordoned off for the Ball drop and a large crowd gathers to witness it in person. Be a part of the real New York celebration this year. There are many venues for you to choose from as your venue of choice. You may opt to go to Webster Hall, Pacha or any of the popular nightlife locations in the city. You may also decide to have dinner at a restaurant before going to the club, or just going on a cruise instead

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city of lights, is also the ideal place to ring in the New Year. If you have ever been to Las Vegas you know that the atmosphere is outrageously exciting. Whether it is a special night or just a regular day, Las Vegas is amped up with fun and exhilarating energy.

Make the night one to remember by visiting some of the hottest clubs, bars and lounges. Stay the night in an all inclusive luxurious resort and transition into the New Year with a drink in hand. Would you care for champagne anyone?

There is nothing like a night spent on the beach, or in Miami Beach! If you are in this area this New Years Eve or you are thinking about going there do not waste anymore time thinking – just do it! Make your arrangements and prepare yourself for a magical night. Prepare yourself for a night of fun and a day of sun. Make the entire day special. Book an all inclusive resort and spend your day relaxing on the beach or by the pool. When the sky gets dark and the lights turn on, be in a place where you can enjoy the company of others while you have fun.

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The best company makes for the best NYE party

New Years Eve is a magical time of year. The magic is in the beauty that extends everywhere in the form of fireworks and other colorful displays. The magic is also in the fun you allow yourself to have and the wonderful memories that you can create. Your last day of the old year is spent doing fun and exciting things.

When you are at a New Years Eve party, the crowd you are with has a major effect on the mood you will be in and the level of fun you will be able to have. This is because most persons are only comfortable enough to release their inhibitions when they are around strangers, while others close up around strangers and find that they are more comfortable around close friends and family.

Partygoers who are more comfortable at home than out in a big crowd may realize that they have more fun when they party with family members. It’s okay of you are a little shy or if you love hanging out with family. For most of us being out with family members makes us feel safe. And our safety causes us to relax in large settings and get comfortable.

There are a lot of parties you can attend this year with your family. If you are under 21 there are a great number of New Years Eve parties that you can attend, at some of the popular nightclubs in your area, as well as aboard luxury yachts. You can have fun with your cousins who are both older and younger. If you are the adult over 21 you can keep an eye on your teenage children or nieces and nephews while you have your own fun. You can be both the cool and responsible aunt or uncle, knowing that they are safe and that you are not very far away.

Some people find it hard to let loose when family members are around. This is due to many factors, but the most common is that you have a certain reputation within the eyes of your family to uphold and you are uncomfortable letting your cousins see your party side.

There is no partying as great as celebrating New Years Eve with your friends. You can get together to share this significant change in time, by visiting your favorite lounge or nightclub. Situate yourself under the glistening ball in Times Square and wait for the ball drop which will signal the start of the New Year.

Release your inhibitions and enjoy yourself. Bask in the excitement of the holiday and let the company of your friends guide you to great fulfillment.


You may be one of those persons who love going out by yourself or just a single friend. You may like to meet new people and so you throw yourself into large crowds of strangers and take a chance at meeting someone new. Some people would call this living on the wild side! It is, especially on New Year’s Eve when the magic of the night make every party atmosphere even more exciting.

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How to get the most out of a home celebration

You may want to spend New Year’s Eve at home this year. Well, you can do so and still have a lot of fun. The success of your home celebration depends on a few key factors, including the size of the celebration and the people you invite. Some People are hard to please. You will find yourself going all out to make them excited and still end up failing. Others just need some great music and a great crowd to have a good time. Here are a few tips to consider when planning a home celebration for New Year’s Eve.

Planning a Big Party
Whenever you decide to plan a home party you must ensure that your location is conducive to fun and excitement with a minimum possibility of breaking valuable decorative pieces.

• Make a guest list
You should have some semblance of control over who attends your party. The possibility exists that as news of your party get popular uninvited guests will turn up and the people you invite may bring dates. You need to try and minimize having an overcrowded venue by inviting responsible guests that amount to about half or two thirds your total capacity.

• Plan ahead
Do not wait until the last minute to start planning your huge house party. If you are running around a few hours before the party, to try and get supplies and pad your guest list, you may find that half the people you wish to come have already made other plans or that some of the supplies you need are out of stock. You do not want this to happen to you. The end result is a failed party that may just turn away its guests at the door.

• A Great DJ
What is a party without great music!? Nothing. It is not a party. You need to have great music not only to attract attendants, but to ensure that they stay for the duration of the party. Hire a DJ that frequent clubs and other parties. Ensure that you play the hottest tracks for the year and maybe even a few older songs that get better every time you hear it. Entertain your guests and enjoy your successful home celebration.

Planning a Small Party
When planning a small get together at your home for the New Year you should ensure that you do some planning. Impromptu invites may result in a smaller party than you intended, because people you invited already have plans.

• Make a guest list
The people you invite to your small get together will affect the mood of the party and the overall effect on all its guests. You should decide if you are inviting friends and family to create an intimate setting, or of you are inviting acquaintances or your neighbors to formulate new bonds and just have a great time.

• Minimal planning
As long as you invite your guests more than a week or maybe more than a month before your party your guest situation should be okay. Next you have to decide on the all important food and drinks. Ask everyone to take something along with them. Having a BYOB party will not only limit your expenses, but it will also increase the variety of foods and drinks available, as people will no doubt carry different items.

• Music
Know your crowd. The music should suit the guests and if you know your guests you can simply create a playlist for the holiday and let it play throughout the night. If your mix runs out you can simply tune in to a popular radio station and let the fun continues. Ring in the New Year with the rest of the country and enjoy the company of a small intimate party.

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The importance of New Year’s Eve traditions and opening to change

Traditions are the pillar of many societies. Traditions, the oldest ones, which are still held dear to our hearts establishes standards in some regards for as number of factors including behavior. The traditions associated with New Year’s Eve differ for every family. However there are some things that remain constant. New Year’s Eve traditions are important because they link the present generation to the one that existed before and all the generations before that.

Traditional New Year’s Eve activities bond families and societies alike. Every year millions gather in Times Square for the annual Ball Drop. Each year, families travel to New York for the Ball Drop from all over the world or converge in from a television to share in the festivities.

Universal Tradition
A very popular tradition is the champagne toast to midnight. The origin of such an action being used for New Year’s celebrations is kind of sketchy. However, this is a tradition that has not only become important, but necessary. Every great party you attend on this special night will offer a toast at midnight. Even if you are at home you may be tempted to raise a glass at the chime of the clock.

The fireworks display is a beautiful tradition. Most cities will organize grand fireworks display to commemorate the New Year. This display usually last for a few minutes and grabs the attention of every living thing in close proximity.

The midnight kiss has also become very popular. And this is a tradition that will not change in the near future. The midnight kiss has been about for decades. It is projected to continue because it gives strangers or mere acquaintances the opportunity to share a short kissing without backlash.

Family Specific Traditions
You should be allowed the right to create family traditions for the holidays. Your tradition can be as simple as gathering together and watching a rerun on television or watching the ball drop live.

These traditions, although limited to the immediate family, are as important as any other. If you have not yet created any family traditions, it is not too late to do it now. Decide on a tradition that will be available every year.

New Year’s Eve traditions should not be altered unless it is absolutely necessary. Traditions are a part of history that should be maintained.

Opening to Change
Traditions are labeled as such because they are like habits which are very hard to break. Although one is a stickler for tradition one must also be open to changes. Traditions are not set in stone. As time advances ideologies and one’s ability to keep up with old traditions will be altered forever. You should create a tradition that is loved by your children, and will be loved by your grand children when they are blessed enough to come to life.

Whatever tradition you create will be altered in the future and may even be changed completely. However this change will not totally erase the memories that you created with your generation and your close family, it will be an example for future generations to follow.

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Tips on creating New Year’s resolutions that you are likely to keep

We often fail to achieve our resolutions because we refuse to will ourselves to ensuring their success. Setting goals and then achieving them is a process, a very hard process if you have problems organizing and conjuring your motivation. A resolution is a decision or an intention that you believe deserves a chance, or you would not have though it up in the first place. In order for this resolution to become reality it has to be more than a wish and more of a first step towards making a necessary change in your life.

Instead of making several New Year’s resolutions that you know will be soon forgotten, you can make one resolution of great importance to you and try your hardest to fulfill it. Decide on something practical, a promise which will give you a boost of confidence to do more and meet your target.
Here are a few tips on creating New Year’s resolutions that you are likely to keep:
Have an action plan. You have to set a specific date of resolution accomplishment. Decide fixed stages that will take you closer to your goal and create milestones to match these stages.

Keep track of your achievements. Every time you pass a stage you can treat yourself to something special. Following your own plan of action and set your own pace. Work towards your goals and bask in the realization of your new year’s resolution

Heighten self-awareness. Most people tend to seek therapy to raise their self-esteem or overcome addictions and codependency. With persistence and the right mindset, it’s possible to break your bad habits through daily meditation and writing your feelings out on paper. These are potent and helpful tools in monitoring and changing your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Through heightened self awareness you can achieve your resolution, whether it’s curing an addiction or making a character change that will better suit you.
Encourage yourself. Try to become your own positive life coach by continuously giving yourself positive feedback, praise, and recognition. You can look for small signs of progress and account for them. You can’t encourage yourself if you don’t like yourself or believe you are unable to make progress. You have the ability to achieve what you want if only you would believe in yourself. Self-doubt and negativity will paralyze your self expression. This self-doubt hinders energy and motivation and it can easily persuade you to give up on your new year’s resolution.

Get support. You will need the courage and support of others if you are to be successful, in achieving your resolution. To be greatly successful and to maintain your momentum you may need the support of family members and your close friends. Whatever it is that you are trying to change about yourself you should try and enlist support. Some people may try to tell you that making a resolution is pointless. You should block these negative thoughts from your mind and embrace the positive.
Be determined. Be positive. Be honest. Figure out the resolution that will really change your life and do everything necessary see it through. Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Day Family Activities

The main focus of the New Year is always the New Year’s Eve parties. This commands all the attention. But what about the kids who will not be able to go clubbing or to view the Ball Drop live? The answer is that they stay home with the sitter and are bored out of their minds. Kids are hard to please and easily bored. If you are not careful their lack of New Year’s activities and their ability to sense when they are not invited somewhere, it may take a toll on you: through guilt trips or promising something you had never intended to allow. What you should do is plan awesome family activities for the daytime, so that you can go out and have a great time in tonight without feeling guilty.

Visit the park and have a Picnic
If you are having great weather and the park is still open in your area, you should try taking your family on a picnic. This will improve morale should your kids be sad about being left at home in the coming night or should there be the need for cheering them up.

Your little children will love the park as much as they will love the family time. Play little games as you allow time to pass. If you own a dog, bring him along and play fetch for a while. Engage in some family competitions and organize a little race to or from a tree. Enjoy your family time and your kids will do the same. Express your love for your family and reinforce that the daytime was for celebrating with your family. Let your kids feel special and they will love you even more.

Visit the zoo or somewhere special
Children love the zoo. And you know you do too. Make it a family affair and visit the zoo with your kids on New Year’s Eve day. You may even invite your own parents and a few cousins to make the affair even grander! A zoo is both educational and fun. Enjoy the family stroll along the path and the excitement they will be forced to erupt with the viewing of each animal. This is a great activity for the entire family and it will be remembered by your children.

Ice skating
This is a fun activity that the entire family will love. It is also a great opportunity to teach the member of the family who is unable to skate some great beginner techniques. Grandparents may opt to sit out this activity. However it is a great activity for the rest of the family. Let the kids have fun chasing each other and showing off their moves. Let them enjoy themselves. Snap a few pics to help them remember the fun they had.

Have fun with your family. Especially if you have plans to go out in the night. Make their day and you can have fun in the night without worry. Toast to the New Year knowing that both you and your family made the most of your last day of the New Year.

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Advantages of spending the New Year’s Eve outdoors

Every year, people go crazy in their quest to find the perfect nightclub to celebrate the New Year in. Every year, these same people find themselves trapped and claustrophobic in a crowded nightclub. Do not let yourself get trapped in this situation. Prepare yourself for whatever is to come your way by securing your celebratory spot out in the open. An open air New Years Eve celebration will be both refreshing and thrilling. It comes with a sense of freedom and euphoria which causes VIPs to clamor for terrace seating at fancy restaurants and rooftop tables at the glamorous nightclubs, bars and lounges.

Escape the crowd of the indoor nightclubs
Do not make the mistake of underestimating the crowd that will gather in the city for New Year’s Eve. Be prepared. The fresh air will eliminate most of, if not all, your claustrophobic feelings and sooth your nerves with the calm night air. You can escape the AC and the circulated air of the nightclubs interior and bask in the fresh air that you will have access to on the terrace of the roof. Escape the crowd of the indoors and embrace the delight of the great outdoors. An outdoor New Year’s celebration is one that you will forever remember and always want to try again.

Better view of the ball drop
The Ball Drop is never more beautiful than being watched live and in person. If you really want to make the last night in 2013 special do not spend it stuck behind the television again, whether this television is in your TV room or hanging from the wall of a popular night club. Make a change that you will never forget and experience a euphoria that will propel you into the New Year.

Watch the ball drop live and in person! Feel the awe of the crowd as the ball descend and the emotions that are evoked by the tradition roll through the cloud like a glorious cloud of inspiration.

Cruises are quickly becoming the replacement for the typical nightclub experience. Why? The answer is simple: a beautiful yacht plus a dance floor, music and an open bar equals a nightlife experience that is sure to have you exclaiming with glee, dancing until your feet hurts and looking dumbstruck at the beautiful fireworks that are above you and glistening like a stream of wishing stars.

This is a great means of getting a change in scenery. Step away from the typical nightlife experience and embrace the feeling of cool air rushing against your face and the beautiful glistening of the water as it reflects the fireworks.

The Fresh Air Will Make for a Fun Night
If you really want to have an experience which is not like the typical New Years Eve night, you should consider doing something that takes place outdoors. By doing this you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the added flare your city adds every year to show the world that they are the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebration location

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Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions that never last

Okay, the New Year has arrived. The night before you had made a list of resolutions that you have sworn to keep this time. You may still believe that it is possible to achieve your resolution. However, if one of your resolutions is included in the following list of failed resolutions you may need to act fast and achieve success. The key is to choose a resolution that can be achieved without a hitch.

1) You promise you lose weight and get fit
This resolution often fails because you lack the emotional drive to see it through. You may go jogging on the first few morning of the New Year. However the interest will soon turn to annoyance. You will be annoyed on the amount of energy you will have to expend to exercise. You may be pumped for the first week, but you will soon regret making such a resolution and remove it from your list.

2) You promised to quit smoking
This is an addiction many have tried to quit and failed miserably. Why did you believe that you had enough power to get yourself to quit? Well, whatever the reason many people ultimately rip this resolution from their list, because it takes a lot of focus and dedication. Mere self motivation seldom works and most people do not make the time to get the necessary help.

3) You promised to travel new places
Traveling is something many people wish to increase with every passing year. What they fail to take into consideration is that traveling costs a lot of money, if you factor in foreign destinations and all the added costs, such as hotel and vehicle. Another issue that people sometimes fail to consider is the availability of vacation time to use for travel. Are you going to remove your child from school? If not, who will watch over him or her?

4) Get out of debt and save money
With the global economic climate being in the state it currently is in, one would find a resolution to save and prepay debts to be quite admirable. Saving money is hard, especially if you have tons of bills that need to be taken care of. This is not the best.

5) Volunteer
Learn something new and help other while you are at it! Most people fail to carry out their promised voluntarism because it’s hard to get into the habit of doing something kind for others. Do not make this commitment unless you absolutely mean it. If you are serious, it’s quite easy to find somewhere to volunteer. Call up a few old age homes or few homeless shelters. Serve In the soup kitchen or come up with some fun activities for the residents to partake in. They will surely welcome the new face and you will have completed something from your list.

6) Visit a children’s home or a nursery. Tell a few kids some stories, they will appreciate it greatly. Bring a few little toys along and the happiness that the children will radiate will warm your heart and cause great joy within you.

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Fun Ways To Entertain Your Kids On New Year’s Eve

A New Year’s Eve celebration is a fun way to start a new year and say good bye to the old year. Every New Year are filled with excitement. This is because we often feel optimistic about what is to come in the New Year. The wait allows you to create wishes and believe in your dreams. This year on December 31st you will remember all the mistakes you made over the past year and you will feel a bit regretful or guilty. Do not let those regrets include not playing with your kids enough or just spending time with them in general. If you are guilty of this, there is still time. Spend New Year’s Eve having fun with your children. Show them that having dream and wishes is normal and admirable. Make one of their wishes come true and make the day theirs.

How To Have Fun with Kids During New Year’s Eve

Kids love parties. It would be great if you could find a party to take your kids to during the day. A fair would work well also. If you are unable to take your kids to a party, just make one of your own. Kids love to create craft items, so they will be entertained at every stage of the party. Make some party hats together with whatever paper you can get your hands on. You can simply add color with markers and crayons or glue on some little stars that you can make from colored paper.

Treasure your time together. Take some photographs that will cement your experience. If you can’t make the necessary items a visit to the store at this time of the year will be very rewarding. You can buy the little hats, as well as noisemakers and confetti.
The great thing about having a little family party at home with your kids is that you have until midnight to ensure that everything is perfect. Yes it’s late, but your little one will forever remember the night she or he, was allowed to stay up late and make noise as she watched the fireworks.

Showcase Your Talent. In order to keep your little one awake and attentive, you could host a little talent show. Attempt to sing a few lines of their favorite nursery rhyme and enjoy their giggles. Let them take charge of the show with their talents and watch the time trickle by until it is well into the New Year.

If your neighbors are free you can invite them and their kids to the talent show. Although it is supposed to be an intimate setting the addition of more people will increase the fun.

New Things to Explore on New Year’s Eve

Help your kids to create their own wish list for the New Year. With your guidance they can achieve some of these goals. A great wish to start with is that they will save enough money for something they really want. This goal will encourage your child to save. It will be her own saving which will take her a step closer to achieving her wish.

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